Lowongan Kerja PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PJB)

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When you are looking for a job in the area of Java, the one that we strongly recommend is a job PT Generation Java-Bali . In addition to the work situation that gives a different experience, the salary offered was pretty good. Almost every year there is recruitment made by the company.

PT Generation Java-Bali (PJB) since its foundation in 1995 with the vision of becoming a powerhouse Indonesia leading to world-class standards, PJB endlessly improve and innovate by sticking to the norms of good corporate governance (Good Corporate Governance / GCG ). Initially PJB just running a business generating electricity from six Unit Power (UP) owned, namely: UP Gresik (2,219 MW), UP Paiton (800 MW), UP Muara Karang (908 MW), UP Muara Tawar (920 MW), UP Cirata (1,008 MW) and UP Brantas (281 MW). PJB is now continuing to develop sustainable business with in the business related to power generation. Business development activities include: the addition of new plants, expansion of O & M services market and plant asset management implementation services, as well as the construction of new generating plants spare material providers FTP-1 se Indonesia.

PT PJB job

Currently being open recruitment of employees of PT Generation Java-Bali with position and complete the following requirements.


Noprojection PositionEducation
1Junior Information & Technology AnalystD3 Informatics mastering: Mastering PHP & Java programming language; Linux Operating System; SQL database
2Junior Engineer / Junior OperatorD3 Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering D3 (strong currents) / D3 Civil Engineering (dams / construction) / D3 Instrumentation Engineering (Industry) / D3 Control Computers / Electronics Engineering D3 (electro industry)
3Junior Finance Officer / Junior Tax & Imprt OfficerD3 Accounting / D3 Taxation
4Assistant Finance Officer / Assistant Tax & Imprt OfficerS1 Accounting / S1 Taxation
5Assistant Legal AnalystS1 Law (Business)
6Assistant Planning & Control Officer / Assistant HR Officer / Assistant SCM Officer / Assistant Business Development Analyst / Assistant Compliance AnalystS1 Industrial Engineering / S1 Management
7Assistant Engineer / Assistant OperatorS1 / D4 Mechanical Engineering; Physics technic; S1 / D4 Electrical Engineering (strong current / system settings / electronics); S1 / D4 Civil Engineering
8Assistant Corporate Communication Officer / Assistant CSR OfficerS1 Communications
9Assistan HSE OfficerEnvironmental Engineering


  • For projection positions no. 2, 7, 9: male; 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8: male / female
  • GPA of at least 3:00
  • year of birth
    • D3: born in 1992 and thereafter
    • S1: born in 1990 and thereafter
  • TOEFL score of at least 450 / TOEIC 470 / IELTS 4.0
  • Has never been married and not being in marriage and willing to marry during the OJT program
  • Willing to be placed in the business area PJB Group (PT PJB, PT Rekadaya Elektrika, Subsidiaries and Affiliates others) throughout Indonesia.


  • In JPG format color: color photograph
  • In a color JPG format:
    • Scan the last original diploma
    • Scan transcripts
    • Scan resident identity card (KTP)
    • Scan certificates of TOEFL / TOEIC / IELTS

The size of each file up to 400 Kb.

If you are interested in loengan above and meet the necessary requirements, please register online at the website www.ptpjb.com



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